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DoorDash announced that they will be launching a chain of virtual convenience stores, and these Dash Marts will help tame all your munchies. DashMart will sell snacks, groceries, and other food-like products from partnering restaurants and stores.

The stores will be all virtual, meaning no brick and mortar locations; instead, it will all be run from the DoorDash app.

“On DashMart, you’ll find thousands of convenience, grocery, and restaurant items, from ice cream and chips, to cough medicine and dog food, to spice rubs and packaged desserts,” reads the press release.

As of right now, the company is saying the new feature is available in eight cities, Chicago, Illinois; Columbus, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Minneapolis, Minnesota; the greater Phoenix, Arizona area; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Redwood City, California. DoorDash is planning to expand to quite a few more locations in the near future, that expansion will include locations in another city not yet disclosed in California, Denver, and Baltimore.

DoorDash already supports convenience store shopping for stores like 7-Eleven, CVS, Walgreens, which all allow you to put items in a cart, pay for them, have a DoorDash delivery driver go pick it up and drop it off to you, all with barely any personal interaction.

DoorDash is making this move to compete with the likes of Uber Eats and Postmates, they plan to provide a wider variety of items for which customers will typically use grocery delivery or traditional Amazon order. They are attempting to find their niche by not only being the middle man for the consumer and the retail store, but instead being that retail store. Similar to how Amazon has done with Whole Foods delivery.

The tricky part will be providing enough incentive for customers to use DashMart instead of Amazon, which clearly has the advantage in just about every way possible. It will be interesting to see how DashMart and DoorDash fare in this new sector of business, especially with social distancing rules being enforced.

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