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Trump Holds Campaign Event in Hershey, Pennsylvania

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As we’ve painfully learned firsthand over the past few years, Donald Trump is a jack of all trades but unfortunately, none of them serve a useful purpose. The race-baiting-lying-ass grifter who conned and cheated his way into the White House has also proven to be as petty as they come.

So when he announced that he would be throwing out the first pitch at a Yankee game during last week’s Coronavirus briefing at the White House, many felt it was his way of one-upping Anthony Fauci throwing the ceremonial first pitch at the Washington National’s Opening Day game in D.C. that same day.

But yesterday the man who’s made over 18,000 misleading statements since taking the Presidency in 2017 backed out of the “planned” August 15th ceremonial pitch citing other priorities such as the national pandemic that he once called a “hoax,” focusing on vaccines for the “hoax” and the economy.

Many thought The Donald’s fear of having players kneel in his presence or even not being able to throw a respectable pitch was behind his sudden decision to turndown the appearance. But as it turns out, Trump was never invited to Yankees Stadium for the team’s August 15th game, much less take to the mound.

According to Vulture, The New York Times revealed that no one from the Yankees had asked Trump to throw out the first pitch at a Yankees game, especially not Yankees President Randy Levine, who Donald Trump called a “good friend” before falsely stating,”He asked me to throw out the first pitch, and I think I’m doing that on August 15 at Yankee Stadium” at the July 23rd press conference.

According to the Times, however, a source at the White House confirmed to them that neither team officials or Trump’s staff had heard about an offer. Instead, a call was reportedly placed to Levine, president of the Yankee franchise, to take him up on a past offer he had made to have Trump throw out an opening pitch at some point. No actual plan was made Trump to attend this year’s opener. In the meantime, White House staff reportedly informed the president that he is otherwise engaged on August 15, and Trump publicly demurred on Sunday.

Dear Lord, this pathological liar truly has no qualms about making things up on the fly and including unsuspecting parties in his bullsh*t.

Needless to say, non-fascist Yankee fans were outraged that their favorite team had actually invited the dictator to hollowed Bronx ground, but luckily, it was all just another lie in the thousands that Trump has told these past few years.

Not surprising.

Still, Trump said he’d be throwing out a pitch later in the season, but we’re pretty sure that’s bullsh*t as well.

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