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Milky Jelly Cleanser

Source: Glossier / Glossier

I’m one of those people who likes to feel my beauty products working, so I love a tingle, or foaming sensation, or at least a refreshing scent when it comes to my facial cleansers. It’s for that reason when I first had a chance to try out Glossier, I wasn’t totally sure what the hype was about. Then I had to change my perspective on what “working” meant.

My regular daily cleanser is Urban Skin Rx’s Clear Skin Cleansing Bar which has kept my skin acne-free for years now. But as a spa-grade cleanser, washing my face more than twice a day with the bar, which triples as a mask and exfoliator, is a lot for my skin. So when I started wanting more than a Micellar water wash after my workouts, but less than my full-strength cleanser, I turned to Glossier’s Milky Jelly.

I got my hands on the cleanser thanks to my apartment building which partnered with Glossier to give residents full-size samples of some of its hero products when the brand opened a store in Atlanta. The first thing I noticed about the Milky Jelly was that it lived up to its description of being “gentle yet effective.” The creamy gel, which doesn’t foam or tingle when you apply it, may not feel like it’s doing much, but the results speak for themselves. Because the formula is made up of five skin conditioners, your skin feels soft and hydrated after washing as opposed to squeaky clean and in need of moisture ASAP. And thanks to its gentle, pH-balanced, non-comedogenic properties it also doesn’t irritate skin.
Milky Jelly Cleanser

Source: Glossier / Glossier

You can apply the Milky Jelly on dry or wet skin which is exactly how I use it. On the rare occasion I wear makeup these days, I use this as my first-level cleanser, particularly because I can use it to remove mascara and eyelash glue without irritating my eyes, then I follow up with my cleansing bar. If I’ve just done a mid-day or early evening workout and feel like I need to thoroughly remove the sweat, I’ll wet my face and apply the cleanser the traditional way before doing a deeper cleanse at night.

The Milky Jelly has also been crucial for calming my skin after microneedling. The process itself is not a gentle one, and afterward, my skin is left pretty inflamed and extremely sensitive for at least a day or two. Rather than further irritate it more, the Milky Jelly soothes my skin and I’ve found it also gives me the moisture boost I need after doing the procedure at home.

Because Glossier’s cult-like reputation proceeded my first interaction with the brand, I was expecting lots of bells and whistles. But after actually using the products I think the lack thereof is exactly the point. You don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to cleanse your face effectively and that’s why this is the newest staple in my Beauty Cabinet.

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