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The Washington Washington Football Team selected Ohio State defensive end Chase Young with the second overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft Thursday evening.

The new Washington Football Team defensive end joined Kevin Sheehan on The Team 980’s Draft Day Special Saturday shedding light into his draft day experience, playing in front of his hometown, and silencing his critics for his performance in the College Football Playoff semi-final against Clemson.

Kevin Sheehan: Did you have any doubt on Thursday night that you were going to be the pick of the Washington Football Team?

Young: I guess a little bit. In the draft, you never really know what’s really going to happen. A trade could’ve went down, anything is possible. I was always 50/50 before I got drafted, but all the mock drafts seemed to be right.

Sheehan: Who were the players that you either grew up or in very recent years, sort of modeled yourself after? Is there one or two that you thought ‘that’s who I want to be’?

Young: Definitely. My first one would be Khalil Mack if you were saying recent or current [players], right now. And someone I looked at from back in the day is Julius Peppers.

Sheehan: Given your DeMatha experience and your Ohio State experience, you could probably count the number of games you’ve lost in your athletic career on one hand. It’s been winning everywhere you’ve gone. What does that do for somebody when essentially every team they’re on wins?

Young: It lets me know that in life, I want to win. It just shows me winning feels good and I love winning. I feel like I’m a winner and that’s what you want to do in life. I just try to apply that to everything that I do. It just shows you that winning is the standard.

Sheehan: A lot of people said that statistically you didn’t show up in College Football Semi-final game against Clemson. If anybody was watching the game, they saw you doubled and tripled and still making an impact. What did you make of that game, your performance?

Young: A lot of people say I didn’t get a sack. I was getting doubled team, tripled team sometimes, but like a great player should do, you gotta keep going. You gotta block out the noise and just know you put your best foot forward that game and just because you didn’t get sack doesn’t mean you didn’t have a good. I think to be a great defensive player you have to be disruptive and I think that’s what I was doing that game.

Sheehan: Who have you heard from? Who’s reached out to you? Who have you reached out to?

Young: I went over Johnathan’s house yesterday. Matt Ioannidis was there so we talked just about the steps moving forward, about the team. Obviously Terry [McLaurin], Dwayne [Haskins]. I reached out to Landon [Collins]. I’ve talked to a lot of guys already.

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