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An Alabama pastor who fatally shot himself after shooting his estranged wife at a local church struggled desperately with mental illness, his sister claimed.

On Sunday, Unice Woodard, owner of Alabama’s famous Big White Wings and twin sister of the late Elder Ulysses Woodard, who led the True Word of Deliverance Church of God in Prichard, revealed in a statement on Facebook that her brother had been struggling with mental illness for a while and had reached out to his pastoral community for help but none came.

“To set everyone straight, my brother was a True Mighty Man of God. He gave and did so much for other people but when he needed help where were y’all? He begged for his pastor friends or so called Christian friends for help before it came to the point of him taking his own life. There so many stories, lies and rumors going around about him,” she wrote.

“Since y’all know so much then why didn’t y’all know Buck was suffering from Mental Illness, Depression, Pain all day every day and the separation from his wife!!! But y’all want to say well if he was a pastor then why did he take his own life. You BASTARDS would’ve last a day in his shoes,” she said.

Last Wednesday, Pastor Derek Scott Gandy and his wife Kula of True Cornerstone Church in Mobile, Alabama, explained to The Christian Post how his friend, Ulysses Woodard, shot his wife, Prophetess Alisha Woodard, after a women’s conference outside their church on Feb. 21.Pastor Gandy told CP that what happened on Feb. 21, he never saw coming. Elder Woodard, he said, “wasn’t a monster.”

“I didn’t see this coming. … I didn’t see this coming. He wasn’t a monster, at least not that I’ve ever seen,” he said.

He noted that his friend had “vented” to him about things in his relationship that he thought could have been helped with counseling but saw “nothing that would lead to this” — that his friend would shoot his wife in the chest while standing right next to him.

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