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My hair is getting pretty long

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So, you’ve been dying to take the plunge and cut off a few inches from your mane. You have the perfect haircut in mind–down to the color, texture and length. And the day finally comes! You arrive at the salon to get your hair styled and after your wash, style and cut it, the end result is not quite what you had in mind.

Now what do you do? While your first thought may be to panic, there is a way to remedy your hair faux pas. While we can bet that you probably won’t be visiting that hairstylist again, we have a few tips in mind to help give you a hairstyle you can be proud of.

1. Opt For A Wig Style

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Wigs have become a hair staple for good reason. Instead of walking around with a hairstyle you’re not pleased with, a wig can transform your mane an give you the original look you were going for. Wigs have come a long way and whether you’re looking for a pixie, bob, lob or anything you can think of, wigs can definitely save the day.

2. Go Shorter

Sometimes starting your hair growth journey can be a bit scary, but cutting your strands short can have a slew of benefits. You can experiment with different styles and eventually get the style you want once your hair grows back. And to be honest, sometimes cutting your hair is just what your mane needs to grow back strong and healthy.

3. Tell Your Stylist Immediately

When it comes to your mane you should never be afraid to speak up. Sure, you might not want to hurt the feelings of your stylist but there is nothing worse than spending money on your hair to not get the style you’ve pictured. Chances are, a good stylist will hear your concerns and do what’s best to fix or touch-up your hair.

4. Try Clip-In Extensions

Clip-ins are a great save for your hair. It’s an easy way to add length to your strands if wigs are not your style of choice. They are also available in various textures to match your hair perfectly. A simple fix, all you need is to take you clip-ins to your stylist and they should be able to blend them into your hair without any problems.


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