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Ian Rapoport on Ron Rivera saying “He’s [Trent Williams] still our guy”:

We could see a reconciliation between Trent Williams, the star left tackle, who didn’t play, who didn’t get paid last year, and new Washington Football Team Coach Ron Rivera and an entirely new Washington Football Team everything, including the training staff. They brought in Ryan Vermillion, one of the most respected trainers in the NFL. That was a huge addition for Ron Rivera, especially considering so many of Trent Williams’ issues with the Washington Football Team, involved medical and how they handled everything involving his health. Rivera, from what I understand, has not yet met with Trent Williams. I know the team has been in communication with his agent, but what they’re going to do is get in February 10th, after the coaches and everyone come back from vacation, evaluate the film, look at everything involving Trent Williams, including his medical and figure out how to proceed going forward. Going into that, from what I understand, they do consider him part of the team. He’s a great player. They love great players, and it sounds like they want him to play for them, which is in direct contrast to how Bruce Allen was going to treat this. Allen would’ve wanted to trade Trent Williams this offseason. Doesn’t sound like that’s what the Washington Football Team want now.”

Washington Football Team Head Coach Ron Rivera first commented about Williams possibly reuniting with the Washington Football Team last week on Washington Football Team Nation with Larry Michael.

“We got to get Trent in,” Rivera stated. “We got to sit him down, see where he is, see how he is, health-wise too. We have not really had the contact we need to have to know.”

The seven time Pro Bowler sat out all of last year disgruntled with the team’s medical staff and his contract. Williams had undergone a surgical procedure to remove a cancerous growth from his head, that the team had deemed a minor issue in 2013. Due to his mistrust of the team’s medical staff, Williams skipped the entire offseason and missed the first half of the regular season. The Washington Football Team opted to trade him, per his request, but other NFL teams did not meet the Washington Football Team asking price.




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