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Joycelyn Savage Mugshot

Source: Chicago PD / Splash News

R. Kelly is down one live-in girlfriend since Azriel Clary has reunited with her family. That leaves Joycelyn Savage, who is still Team R’uh, but who mugshot is all the sads.

Last week, Clary was on Instagram Live showing her followers that she was finally moving out of the disgraced R&B singer’s crib. Then Savage rolled up and they got to arguing, with Clary even threatening to accuse her co-girlfriend of sexual assault since she was a minor when they allegedly had a threesome with R. Kelly.

Things got physical and the cops were called, and it was Savage who ended up getting arrested. The full video eventually was released, and it seems like it was Clary who had the better hand skills. Nevertheless, it was Savage who got booked—probably because she seems to be the one who really wanted the smoke despited ending up catching the proper fade.

TMZ got their hands on Savage’s mugshot, courtesy of Chicago PD, and it’s loaded with struggle.

Now before you go all out slandering Savage for still ride or dying with R. Kelly, keep in mind that she is a victim in this troubling situation, whether she chooses to acknowledge it or not. Clary was just as devoted to the Pied Piper of R&Pee, before the veil was removed from her eyes.

So maybe one day Savage will see the light. And considering that R. Kelly isn’t getting out of jail anytime soon (he’s awaiting trial in Chicago and Brooklyn), if ever, it’s going to happen.

For now, Joycelyn Savage’s lacefront wig might need some upkeep.


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