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If you are anything like me, you spent most of the fourth quarter of 2019 setting 2020 goals and thinking of plays that would make those goals a reality. Something I’ve learned is, the most opportune time to work on goals is the moment they become goals.

Despite how you approach the New Year, there is always the sense of a fresh start on January 1st. With our New Year’s resolutions either etched into our mental or written down, most people greet the New Year eager and excited. Too often, we retire our new plans and allow old habits to dominate. Why? Because most people delight in safety and what’s familiar is safe. However, pursuing something new can prove to be rewarding.

Because I want you to get your life, I am encouraging you to dismiss the idea that you have to wait until the ball drops to do your work. Since I believe in you and have such a strong desire to invoke success in your life, I want to share a few ways to get your New Year’s goals popping, now! Here you go, sis!

First thing, first…


When it comes to setting goals you have to keep it REAL. REAL is an acronym I created for relevant, entertaining, attainable, and lasting. Too often, people set goals that don’t feed their soul, a goal that you aren’t tied to or are pursuing in an effort to ride a wave will likely never become reality. Goals also shouldn’t be vague, unrealistic or lack staying power, some of the best goals are short-term goals that serve as building blocks to achieving something greater. Keeping it REAL can be applied to all goals, whether professional or personal, the REAL method is the foundation needed to assure that your goals are secure.

Now, give your goals a home…


Your dreams/goals need and deserve a home sis! While your passion will allow your goals to live in your head and your heart, they need to have a visual presence too. Write them down, type them in your phone with an alarm attached or whatever works for you, just satisfy your goal’s need to present visually. It is vital that you never allow the daily details of life to decrease the importance of your goals. Thanks to my love for writing, this comes naturally for me but I know that this isn’t everyone’s truth. Oftentimes, we (especially women)fall into the routine of getting things done without writing them down but I promise you writing your goals now is a major key. Achieving goals requires you to deviate from the norm, step out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself. When you write down your goals, it releases the mental clutter by allowing you to visualize the things that you want to achieve. Writing goals down is an effective way to track your progress. Simply write your goal and the steps you need to take to achieve the goal, then you can check things off. This will give you a sense of accomplishment that will motivate you to keep going. So, invest in a good yearly planner that will allow you to write your goals down or save your coins and use your phone, it’s always in your hands anyway.

Last but not least…


One of the major factors of my REAL method is making goals entertaining. You should make it a habit to do and pursue what you love because this makes things much easier. When you do what you love, you enjoy the process which simplifies trusting the process. Trust comes with comfort and safety and while I am encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone, understand that being passionate and enjoying the process will always produce success. Remember, major success begins with minor victories. When your goal is weight loss, you understand you will not lose it all at once. However, you celebrate your pants fitting a little differently. This same notion applies to the process of achieving other goals. Setting goals are important; but, we can’t stop living while we are in pursuit of them. Life will happen in the midst of your dreams becoming reality and it won’t always be favorable. I just want you to remain motivated and never allow your focus on the outcome to keep you from enjoying the process and celebrating every victory.

So yeah, start now and see it through. Oh and, congrats in advance because I am confident that your New Year will produce a new you who is successful goal slayer.


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