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"Queen & Slim"

Source: Andre D. Wagner / Universal Pictures

Depending on who you ask, Queen & Slim is many things.

For some Lena Waithe and Melina Masoukas’ film is a much-needed celebration of Black love and Black people. For others, it was a frustrating ride with an ending that should have left us with more hope. But what should not and cannot be debated is the fashion in the movie.

It’s the dopest.

Like Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith’s rich melanin, the costume design was literally its own character too. Therefore, one of our favorite unsung heroes was Queen’s animal print heeled boots. You know, the ones she hurried up to put on as she rushed out of her Uncle’s house to escape the police. These beauties, dubbed “Palm Boot,” were handpicked from Brother Vellies by the film’s costume designer Shiona Turini.

Palms Boots Queen & Slim Brother Vellies

Source: Brother Vellies / Brother Vellies

So fly!

Well, if you’re as obsessed with those boots as we are, we have great news: You can order them! Created by designer Aurora James, a Black Canadian-born designer, the boots can be pre-ordered online for $750.

Go ahead and splurge a bit. They’re iconic and you deserve something nice!

For James, she couldn’t be more excited about her shoes were chosen for Queen & Slim, thanking everyone involved for supporting her line and believing in her work.

“Thank you for thinking of me, for practically making my shoes a whole character in this movie. For telling black stories alongside black designers – black artists. You bring power and narrative into clothing which is the true definition of fashion as an art form. You’re one of the few stylists that understand that we are not just creating things to wear. We are capturing and commenting on moments in time and translating that into wearable objects,” she wrote on Instagram last month.

Adding, “I am humbled to have so many @brothervellies in this film, and to be apart of your incredible vision. I will support you until the end of the Earth.”


Oh, and even Beyonce rocks them:



Listen: These boots can be worn at a fancy holiday party with a mini dress or just chilling on a date over skinny jeans. That, and they are made for a queen, so that means that they are made for you too.

BEAUTIES: What do you think of these Palm boots?


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