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R&B singer Aaliyah and hip-hop mogul Damon Dash are on hand

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Dame Dash is once again dredging up old tea about Jay-Z, but this time he shed light on how he narrowly edged out Hip-Hop’s king to date Aaliyah.

According to Dash during an interview with Page Six, everyone in the industry was trying to be “that somebody” to the late R&B princess, but it was Jay-Z who wooed her the most.

“He worked hard,” said Dash of Jay’s pursuit. “I didn’t want to fall in love with Aaliyah, she was so cool,” Dash said. “But you know, we were both going hard, everyone was trying to get to Aaliyah, it wasn’t just Jay.”

Dash also revealed what drew him to the “One in a Million” singer, stating that her captivating beauty had nothing to do with his attraction to her, but instead it was her amazing personality that won him over.

“She was just cool as hell. We would laugh. We never stopped hanging and that is what happened with her. There was never any obligation or any title … just liking being around somebody for who they are,” Dash shared. “I was not in love with Aaliyah through the television, I fell in love with her from hanging out and meeting her. She looked different than Aaliyah on the TV screen.”

Despite providing details, Dash says at the time he had no idea that his ex-business partner and friend was interested in dating his now ex-girlfriend before stating that his own relationship with Aaliyah “just happened.”

“I did not know Jay was trying to holler at her, but then it just happened like that. He was trying, I was trying. Everybody was trying — he was going hard.”

In other Dame Dash news, the former Roc-A-Fella head honcho was arrested for owing more than $400,000 in back child support to his ex-wife Rachel Roy and baby mother Cindy Morales.

As previously reported, the 49-year old was arrested on a 4-year old arrest warrant for unpaid child support and according to court documents claims he has no money to pay it, but on Wednesday Dash was singing another tune claiming that he plans to pay the debt in full.

Ain’t no money problems,” Dash said. “I went to turn myself in with money! I already paid it! And I still walked it with cuffs,” he railed, adding: “No more warrants. Everything is clear.”

Despite his “all clear” announcement,  documents filed in a Manhattan federal court last week tell another story. Dash said his personal income was “virtually nonexistent” and claimed his only revenue stream was payments from “Empire” creator Lee Daniels who owed him $2 million, notion that the payments being sent are being garnished for outstanding debts.

“It is very difficult to address the mounting bills until I receive some relief from the courts,” Dash wrote. But upon his release, Dash was again boasting that the issue was “part of the game.”

“I thought I looked cool as f*ck. I had handcuffs on for an hour. I came out a million dollars later and I was like, ‘What?’ And did a rock ‘n’ roll show later — that is gangsta,” he said.

Hours after his arrest, Dame hosted a bash at the Canary Club to introduce his new rock band before dubbing himself “Billy Pablo the Third.”

“I had fun,” he said. “Like sh*t, if I am going to jail and not get out then that’s a problem. It wasn’t for no sex offender, or no raping, or dumb s–t. It was a warrant — they wanted that picture, but I looked good.” Dash continued, “Who cares about being in handcuffs? It is a part of the game, but I walked right out. The sheriffs treated me well — complete respect … I was in a cell, but they treated me fine.”

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