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Marian Scott Gets Empowering Photoshoot

Source: Jermaine Horton Photography / Jermaine Horton Photography

The 8-year-old Michigan girl who was barred from taking her class picture because of her red braid is finally getting her glamour shot!

Chicago-based photographer, Jermaine Horton, stepped up to give Marian Scott an affirming memory of a lifetime with this amazing photoshoot celebrating the third-grader and her red braids.

Just look at all this Black girl magic!


As we previously reported, Scott’s parents were irate when they learned that their daughter was denied her annual picture because according to officials from Paragon Charter Academy in Jackson, MI, Scott’s red went against the school’s policy of wearing only “natural hair tones.”

Back in October, holding back tears Scott’s father, Doug Scott, told WILX News how devastated they were to see their child hurting and called out this way.

“It’s upsetting. All of this is uncalled for, they didn’t even call us.”

“Marian didn’t leave the house, go on the street and get this done on her own, no – she’s 8 years old, we did this ourselves in our own home and there’s no way I felt like this would happen.”

After reading the news, Horton knew he had to help this family.

“I have heard this story many times over, dealing with black children and their choice of hair — whether it’s dreads, the length of their hair, the color of their hair,” he recently told Yahoo News.

“You could just tell it was like a sigh of relief afterward. It just feels good to be a part of it.”

But most importantly, he wanted to make sure that Marian rocked her red hair this time around.

“Keep that red hair, I want that red hair,” Horton recalls telling the family. “I want her to be herself. and I’m glad that she was able to be that.”

Her mother, LaToya Scott, added that Marian” wanted to make a statement, so “We came up with red hair, don’t care.”

Yahoo News reported at first, the 8-year-old was initially shy at the beginning of the photoshoot, but soon opened up as she became more comfortable. That and parents claim she has a “whole different outlook” on life.

“Just being able to get into the camera’s eye and have that experience, it gave her a whole different outlook on what her possibilities are for life. And that’s amazing,” Doug shared.

“We’re very glad that we got to go through this experience. Even though the negative things that were said, there’s so much positive that’s come out of this that the negativities been overshadowed.”

While this is such an amazing ending to this story, it’s still infuriating that Marian had to go through this in the first place. Even worse? Right now, in 48 states it is legal to discriminate against natural hairstyles at school and in the workplace. While the state of California passed The Crown Act earlier this year, it’s not a federal law across the board, but it can be if we speak out.

That, and if we sign The CROWN Act petition urging the legislature to vote on it.

Our hair shouldn’t be looked at a distraction, it has nothing to do with learning and punishing Black girls for how they choose to wear their hair has to stop. Now.


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