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Good Morning Everybody!

First and foremost, I wanted to thank thousands of our listeners for signing our petition at and taking all of our action steps by making phone calls, sending emails, hosting events and so much more.

As you all know, on this past Friday, we had two major developments in the case. I wanna break those down, tell you what’s next, respond to some criticisms, then change gears for a minute and talk about some upcoming elections.

On Friday afternoon, the first bit of good news we received for Rodney Reed was that the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, a deeply conservative group, voted unanimously to recommend that the Governor of Texas stop the execution of Rodney Reed.

I have to pause here for a minute. Over the past 48 hours people have been saying on social media that they were duped into believing Rodney Reed was innocent. Let me explain something to you – the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles did not vote unanimously to stop this execution because they were swayed by hashtags and trending topics. They voted unanimously to stop this execution because they looked at the evidence that was presented to them and knew that it couldn’t go forward.

At that point, the Governor had an opportunity to accept or deny the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, but before he could even respond, the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals, an all white, all male, conservative group voted to grant Rodney Reed an appeal. Again, this group was not duped. They looked at the evidence and issued a 5 page opinion on why they needed to cancel Rodney Reed’s execution date so that new evidence could be examined, and so that the court could properly determine if the prosecution actually broke the law when Rodney was convicted in 1998 with what are called Brady violations. That’s when the prosecution has evidence that could’ve exonerated Rodney Reed, but hid that evidence to win their case. That’s illegal – and could get this conviction overturned.

The prosecution wants to do everything they can to not have this conviction overturned because they’d never win if Rodney Reed was granted a new trial.

Rodney was literally scheduled to be executed tomorrow. Now I’m against the death penalty in general for so many reasons, but for those of us who’ve studied this case, from the medical experts, to Dr. Phil, to The Innocence Project, and so many others, we actually believe Rodney is innocent.

Now people wanna speculate and say that Rodney committed other crimes before this or after this, but he was never convicted of anything. And people are literally just doing 5 minute Google searches and acting like they are private investigators.

Here’s the thing – if Rodney is innocent in this case that he’s on death row for – it means that he was framed by the police and the prosecutors.

And for me, and I can just speak for myself here, if they are going to frame a man for one murder, I don’t trust anything they have to say. Period. Rodney Reed has openly said he wants them to take him to trial on any other charges or rumors they keep bringing up instead of them continuing to float them out there like fact.

I spoke to the Innocence Project yesterday and they told me that literally every person they’ve exonerated, people that were found fully guilty of sexual assault and murder, was called a monster, an animal, and that they were always blasted for helping them, until it was proven that they were innocent, and then all the critics disappeared.

I’m going to keep on fighting for Rodney Reed and will keep us posted on updates. It’s going to be a few months, I believe, before his case is up for review.

I wanna switch gears for just a second and get back to something I’ve talked about on here before. I wanna beat Donald Trump, we need to beat Donald Trump, but listen, I don’t know if anything is more important than flipping the Senate out of conservative control, but here’s the problem – all our nation is talking about is impeachment and the presidential race.

And if we don’t pivot some of our energy and attention to these Senate races, we won’t stand a chance. That’s why I want you I need you all to go to – check out what we’re trying to do all over the country, and see how you can help. You can sign up to volunteer, or more, but we are literally less than 90 days away from our first primaries for the Senate and for the Democratic presidential primaries. It’s going to be right up on us very soon.

I’ve gotta run, but I’ll keep giving us updates on Rodney Reed, and more on these Senate elections in the days and weeks ahead.

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