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From Spike Lee to Spike Shakespeare? Well, not necessarily but the iconic director from Kings County is planning on bringing the Hip-Hop version of Romeo & Juliet to the big screen or maybe a streaming service.

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These days you never know.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the Oscar Award-winning director has closed a deal with Legendary Pictures to direct Prince of Cats. The film is said to be set in the 80’s and will revolve around Juliet’s thugged out cousin, Tybalt and his fam the Capulet brothers, who navigate Da People’s Republic of Brooklyn, where underground sword dueling — including katanas — with the rival Montagues blossoms into a vibrant world. That world includes hip-hop essentials such as DJing, emceeing, breakdancing and graffiti.

This sounds all kinds of amazing, but we’re wondering if it’ll be similar to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Romeo + Juliet which was set in the modern world of the 90’s while utilizing the same speech and dialogue of the 1500’s. It was weird but, nah, it was weird. We get it though.

Lee is working with the writer of the original graphic novel, Ron Wimberly to rewrite the script while Janet and Kate Zucker will oversee production of the film.

Unfortunately for everyone, fan favorite actor Lakeith Stanfield dropped out from the starring role in the film but with Lee attached to the film we have no doubt there won’t be a shortage of actors clamoring for the role of Tybalt. Wouldn’t be surprised if Get Out‘s Daniel Kaluyya steps in and continues his ascendance to Hollywood superstardom.

No word on when Prince of Cats will be dropping but it sounds like a hit already.

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