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Colin Kaepernick will now have his chance to prove to NFL teams and its decision-making staff that he deserves a slot on one of their squads, going against a common narrative that he was done with football. The free-agent quarterback may have to owe part of his good fortune to Jay-Z, who reportedly had some hand in getting the NFL to agree to the private workout.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport took to Twitter to hammer home his reporting made on NFL Now that Jay-Z was involved in getting this big look for Kaepernick according to Rapoport’s sources.

“Two notes: 1. Jay-Z, a partner with the NFL on social justice, had some influence here. 2. This is not part of Kaepernick’s settlement, nor did he ask for this in his settlement,” Rapoport tweeted in a retweet quote of his report.

Many critics of Jay-Z’s partnership with the NFL was seen as something of a betrayal of Kaepernick and his ongoing fight for social equality and calling out police brutality against Black American citizens. Few believed that he could even leverage his influence to this degree, but it appears fans and observers are witnessing otherwise if reports hold true.

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