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Judge won't increase bond for R. Kelly or give $100,000 back to woman who posted his bail

Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

While R. Kelly continues to struggle with his court cases, cash status, and infected toenails, The Daily Beast is reporting that the embattled R&B singer almost cashed in on a cool million dollars courtesy of the National Enquirer’s parent company American Media Inc.

According to the report, an audio recording detailing the payment scheme recently surfaced and featured AMI Senior Vice President Dylan Howard detailing to R. Kelly’s representative, Don Russell, how he’ll use a shell company to funnel the money to R. Kelly in hopes of locking down an exclusive docuseries starring the alleged rapist/pedophile/sex cult leader.

“No network is going to buy or pay Mr. Kelly. They simply won’t do that. They are not going to take the public relations hit associated with doing business with him,” Howard can be heard explaining to Russell in the recording of the phone call, which was authenticated by The Daily Beast.

“Obviously, we would be embedded with you so it’s not as if it really is independent, but it has to be sold to the market as independent.”

“How do you profit?” Howard continued.

“I license music from you. I license locations from you such as homes, et cetera. And that is how you get profit participation in such a production, because no network is even going to allow a production company’s books to show, on their books, that there is a money trail going to you.” 

Wait, didn’t American Media Inc. strike an immunity deal with the FBI in the Donald Trump porn star payoff case in which it was stated that said deal would be void if they were caught doing more dirt? Looks like AMI might have to feel the wrath of the FBI to keep them from helping famous sex offenders get over on people.

Russell meanwhile seemed to be onboard with the plan suggesting that everyone involved would come away with enough money to satisfy the needs on their ends while setting up Kelly for a “triumphant” comeback. SMH.

“So I gotta make sure that if we are doing this, that then is considered by all parties that we have to make sure he can pay legal fees, bills, and all that kinda stuff,” Russell added. “Because that puts him back into position for the next steps down the road, which is the movie of R. Kelly once he reigns supreme with this.”

While AMI responded to The Daily Beast stating that they did nothing more than explored different ways to work with R. Kelly on a project, Kelly’s criminal defense lawyer said he asked Kelly about the proposed deal to which Kelly replied, ‘I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. I don’t have any fucking idea. I don’t know anything about it. People are always trying to do stuff—make money, cut a deal, and tell me they got this opportunity.’”

Didn’t Donald Trump once say he knew nothing about the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal payoffs too? Just sayin.’

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