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Yesterday Donald Trump sent out a tweet comparing what he is enduring when it comes to the impeachment inquiry to lynching.

Everybody and they mama began to comment in response. We’re not going to. Here’s why. That’s exactly what this fool wanted. A source of mine, made it clear to me that this was discussed beforehand. He wanted to purposely distract from what was going on. Why? Because William Taylor, who was the envoy to the to the United States to Ukraine, he was testifying yesterday on Capitol Hill.

He admitted that there was indeed a quid pro quo when it came to Ukraine. Donald Trump wanted to press the race button because he wanted the media focusing on his comments about lynching and not the testimony of William Taylor. This guy is the king of distraction.

He does all of the time where media jumps for the shiny object and having all these panels and you know they behave when they come up lynching all that well black people everywhere they can find us on black topics real simple. I even got a call from a Canadian network! Here I am last night at our event at a roller rink, I’m sitting here on Skype leaving the party talking about the comment on lynching.

But this is exactly what Donald Trump wants. We’ve got to stay focused.

We are we are one year away from the election and what we have to understand is that this fool would do every single thing possible in order to win. There is nothing that he is not going to do. That means that we are going to be engaged in a dog fight. Meaning there will be no rules, there’s no such thing as oh we can put on gloves and then we can simply use the sweet science of boxing. No, this is a guy who will grab a stick or a crowbar or a garbage can lid and try to knock you out. And I know Michelle Obama in last election said when they go low we go high. No. If they hit below the belt hit his ass in the ankles.

We have to understand that Republicans, and here’s why they’re going along with him, the national defense Republicans they got no problem because he’s spend 700 billion dollars more on defense. They’re happy. Guess what. The regulation and taxes Republicans they’re happy. Why? He gave a massive tax cut and he’s slashing regulations left and right. And even when it comes to saying the hell with our environment, putting oil and gas lobbyists over it he doesn’t care. They’re satisfied. Then you have the evangelicals. He had essentially handed them the federal judiciary. He has appointed more than 150 judges one of them just passed the committee. This guy the American Bar Association called him “grossly unqualified;” they still voted for him. So they’re happy.

So all of the factions they know Donald Trump is an idiot. They know Donald Trump is clueless; but they have no problem because this is about power. We better understand that and not fall for the okey doke. When it comes people saying “oh well I’m looking for the right person,” no. It’s evil on the ballot. And what he is trying to do is pack the federal bench with three and four hundred of these judges because when we become a nation the majority people of color in 2043 these folks will still be serving for another 20 plus years.

Folks, don’t get distracted by the games Donald Trump is playing. Evil is in our midst and we as black folks and people of conscience better be prepared to mobilize and organize and cross every hurdle. Ohio is prepared to purge another two hundred and thirty five thousand people from his voting rolls putting it nearly close to five hundred thousand.

A federal judge just ruled against Florida when it came to Amendment 4 saying that it’s unconstitutional requiring folks to pay these fees. Voter suppression is real. Voter disenfranchisement is real. The Supreme Court just overruled Michigan. These federal judges when it came to partisan gerrymandering.

These people are trying to use every lever of power to keep power. They will not play by rules. It will not be fair. We better understand that and we will be preparing now. And that means black people using our money to create our own voter engagement campaigns, not waiting on any party, not waiting on any candidate; because our children cannot afford the evil that this man will unleash on this country if he is elected another four years.

This is not hard, but it requires us not to fall for every little tweet every little comment, because he he’s doing it on purpose, and we better realize this is going to happen again. So don’t be shocked when he tries to announce some economic initiative that appeals to African-Americans to keep the blacks out there happy. He said it last time, he was happy that we didn’t vote well damn it we better not make that mistake a second time.

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