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If you’re familiar with Lush Cosmetics, then you know that the brand creates fresh, handmade products for the hair, face and body. While many people boast about the brands’ bath bombs and skincare products, Lush actually makes some pretty good haircare products for all hair types. Sure, the brand has taken a hiatus from creating new hair products-two years to be exact- but now they have returned with some new essentials you need for your beauty arsenal.
Designed to specifically give your mane a healthy, natural shine, you can say that the brand is officially back and making up for lost time. Its new collection, which consists of shampoos and conditioners has arrived just in time for fall to give your tresses the nourishment that it needs. With ingredients like coconut, rose water, sea salt and lemon juice, the brand is sticking to their mantra of providing the masses with eco-friendly and natural products.

The Wasabi Shan Kui shampoo ($10.95, gives fine, thin and oily hair types the deep cleanse it needs. Formulated with horseradish and fresh wasabi, this essential stimulates the scalp with a tingly feel and removes excess oils. If this offering is not quite your speed, there are an array of shampoo bars to choose from. Yes, you read the correctly! Instead of having to worry about storing a shampoo bottle in your shower, shampoo bars simplify the whole process.
With three new shampoo bars to choose from, “Angel Hair,” “Flyway Hair” and “Coconut Rice Cake” you’ll be sure to find a suitable choice. The Angel Hair shampoo bar ($14.95, is formulated with rose water, cocoa butter and witch hazel to soothe itchy scalps. Flyway Hair ($14.95, is made with fair trade organic cocoa butter, Roman chamomile oil and sea sale to boost the volume of your mane. Coconut Rice Cake ($14.95, offer gentle exfoliation for flaky scalps and cocoa butter and creamed coconut to boost hydration.
Topping off the collection with “Candy Rain,” a creamy coconut conditioner ($9.95, that works to soften, smooth and add natural shine to your hair, It’s easy to see why beauty lovers can’t stop singing its praises.
Whether or not you’re a devoted fan of Lush Cosmetics, we have to admit that these product offerings sound very enticing. When it comes to a happy and healthy hair journey, it’s important to welcome products into the fold that can get the job done. And by the looks of it, Lush Cosmetics has met the standard with this new collection.
Retailing from $9.95 to $14.95 for each product, the price is definitely right for a natural find.
What say you? Do you plan on adding this new collection to your arsenal? Sound off in the comments below!

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