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Brooklyn Nets Not Counting On Kevin Durant Returning This Season

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

A lot of times, it is pure speculation when it comes to predicting the time table of athletes returns from a major, or minor injury. It is much of the same for Kevin Durant as he recovers from his Achilles injury.

The only people who have a real idea of when Durant will be able to make his return to the court are Durant himself, and his doctors. If it isn’t coming from Durant, or his medical team, the reports are pure speculation and guessing.

Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks did his best to make that loud and clear while speaking with reporters on Tuesday.

“The expectation is that he’ll be out for the year. We’re not going to plan on him playing,” he said in an interview.

This past season he suffered a torn Achilles during game 5 of the NBA Finals, once the injury was announced it was widely speculated that he would miss the entirety of the 2019-20 season. But as is what seem status quo in 2019 and the age of social media, rumors shortly after began to swirl that KD might be able to make a comeback in 2019-20 season. Brian Lewis of the New York Post is reporting that there is a growing sentiment around the league that he will make an early return. Possibly close to, or maybe during the playoffs.

Even when Durant returns, there is some hesitancy about precisely what his game will look like when he returns. Durant will be turning 31 this weekend, that’s not old at all, but it’s certainly leaning toward the latter end of his career. If he doesn’t play this season, that means Durant will be 32 by the next time he steps on a basketball court for meaningful basketball.

It would be cool to see Durant back this year. But the last thing anyone wants to see is Durant rush back, and end up injuring another part of his body.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

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