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YesJulz invited an avalanche of slander after bigging up EarthGang, and rightfully so, but throwing Big Boi under the bus in the process. After getting corrected by the Internet for saying the Dreamville crew is like Outkast “with two Andres,” the more active half of the famed Atlanta duo brushed off the slander as cool as one can imagine.

In an interview alongside vocalist and longtime compatriot Sleepy Brown, Big Boi hit the Power 105.1 studios to sit down with The Breakfast Club and addressed the chatter regarding his crew and YesJulz leaping out the gate loud and wrong.

Big Boi was alerted to all the news by his son, who is now in college in New York, who initially thought something happened to his dad as he was trending on Twitter. However, Bamboo let his father known that Twitter ferociously cooked YesJulz but his final statement on the matter was all that was needed to be said.

“When you reach God MC status, it’s hard for people to see you up here in these clouds,” Big Boi shared. “You just gotta pull the tape, man. Twenty-five years, when I won everything and done everything in music, and personally. I’m so proud now that I was able to maintain my family, my wife. I got three kids in college, I’m an empty-nester, I’m back slingin’ raw d*ck and Netflix, I just ain’t trying to reset the Playstation, so life is lovely, man.”

That settles it.

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