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Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Kevin Durant is easily one of the best NBA players in the game today. His ability to shoot the ball, mixed with his ball-handling and defensive versatility at 7 feet is something we have never seen before in the league.

One thing that notably separates KD from his peers is his perceived sensitivity to what the public, and average fans think, and say about him on social media. There are countless instances where KD is seen emotionally responding to fans on Twitter, Instagram, and even responding to personal DMs from players.

If you’re responding to fans at the rate of which KD is, that means you’re likely taking in EVERYTHING fans are saying, and picking and choosing when to respond.

It has gotten so bad as far as KD having to “defend” himself that he has reportedly created burner accounts to defend his honor so he could escape the criticism that people would give him for responding to randoms.

In the most recent incident, KD went back and forth with a fan about whether or not he cares about being the greatest of all time, and what it really means to be the greatest of all time.

Durant admits he does not have a desire to be the GOAT. But has mentioned before that he does want to win numerous championships.

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