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Dwight Howard

Source: photo: WENN

Dwight Howard clearly roots for the bad guys at the movies. He recently purchased a car in honor of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most celebrated villain.

Complex is reporting that the all-star center recently copped a brand new Rolls Royce. Obviously it isn’t rare for NBA players to ball out with luxury vehicles he ordered his modern day chariot in purple. While the color in question could easily be perceived as an homage to his new Los Angeles Lakers team it is really a nod to Thanos.

On a recent episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger he gave a tour of his 8.8 million dollar Atlanta estate. During a walk through of his garage he discussed the automobile and the inspiration behind it. “I got this purple car because of Thanos. He’s from Avengers and he’s my favorite character. He was able to understand that in order for him to complete his mission, he had to get rid of his emotions, and that’s the hardest thing that we all face” he explained.


He further detailed his enthusiasm towards the character during a segment on FS1’s Fair Game with Kristine Leahy. He discussed how he had a rather big fanboy moment when he found himself on the plane with actor Josh Brolin. “I was sitting, like, two seats behind him, so I write him a letter, and I’m just telling him, ‘Thank you! Your character in this movie changed my life. It changed my thought process, and I really appreciate you for what you did” Dwight revealed.

You can view the mansion tour below with the car talk starting at the 1:38 mark.


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