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OG And CECE's "Basketball Wives" Viewing Party

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Tonight on another episode of Basketball Wives we got to see another round of these idiot grown women acting a’fool. Shaunie is getting into real estate, as we know. She wants some of her ventures to be overseas so she invited everyone except for Jenn to Costa Rica so there will be more girls trip shenanigans soon. Apparently, Shaunie is mad at Jenn again, and so is Evelyn. I don’t know what happened between the episode that they all made up and Jenn apologized, and tonight’s episode, but I guess Evelyn and Shaunie needed something to beef about because they went back to saying that Jenn wasn’t really genuine and that they were over her. It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone. Jenn has been on some BS at times during this show, but in this case, she really didn’t seem to be on her drama tip. She just left them claiming that she was done with them for real.

Okay, girl.


They always claim they’re done but the allure of attention via reality TV gets strong and they come running right back. Remember when Evelyn was “fixing her life” with Iyanla, got her own show and was allegedly on this positive kick? Then her show got canceled and she went running right back to Basketball Wives and it didn’t take her long to revert back to her old evil self. Anyway…

The episode ends on another wack note with Evelyn and OG arguing again. OG is a straight shooter, and she’s not scared of these women, nor does she try too hard to be their friend, which they don’t seem like. So, Evelyn’s “Toe-gie” comment came up again and they started going back and forth about that. Basically, OG doesn’t appreciate Evelyn’s ish talking because if it were the other way around Evelyn would be trying to throw drinks, hands and whatever else, and we’ve seen it numerous times. They claim they don’t like OG because she’s aggressive but OG never actually acted on any of her threats. She has kept it quite calm throughout the entire season.

There was even a moment where OG invited the group to a party that her family threw because she wanted them to get to know her and see her culture. Only Jackie and Jenn actually showed up (Cece couldn’t make it). OG was disappointed because it was her once again attempting to extend an olive branch only for her to b dismissed.

To make things worse, word on these cyber streets is that OG wasn’t even allowed to film the reunion on stage, which was taped last Monday. Girl, they had her in another room communicating via satellite because the other women didn’t feel safe.

Mind you, people who were there say there was fighting and object-throwing happening on stage. Obviously, none of that was OG. So, once again, we’re back wondering why they were so afraid of OG. She did make some threats here and there but again never actually acted violently and she only verbally sparred with people who came at her first with whatever shady comment they felt like making that day. It’s no different from when your mom threatened to kill you but never actually did.  So, say it with me, colorism (might even be xenophobia too). OG even seemed to agree but according to MadameNoire, when it was brought up, she was dismissed, which is what people usually like to do when dark skin girls bring up colorism. Such a shame.

Check out some of these tweets. Apparently, things were hot on these social media streets:

Whooooooo chile!

It has also been reported that CeCe left the reunion because she didn’t like what they were doing to OG, and Tami didn’t show up because she’s over it but she also wasn’t feeling their treatment of OG either. Honestly, at this point, OG and her man should get a spinoff on another network, hell, YouTube even. They are interesting and I would like to see more of them as a couple, more of OG trying to be a coach and whatever other million jobs she has, and more of her life as a Nigerian-American woman in an unconventional field of work. None of this birdbrain BS.


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