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For many years, primary characters in TV shows, movies, and especially comic books have been played by white men. However, throughout the years, a shift has occurred, in which minorities finally began getting their chance on both the big and small screen.

The powers that exist over these decisions realized that if you include people of color into these roles, you can diversify the audience that watches them. Occasionally, you’ll get award-winning performances from places you would not previously had gotten them (see Black Panther).

These changes have given some much needed upgrades to some of the biggest comic heroes to date, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Nick Fury Jr., and now, Batman.

According to Bleeding Cool, DC Comics is planning to reveal that the next Batman will be played by a Black man. That means no more Bruce Wayne. iInstead, it will be someone else saving Gotham City. Duke Thomas was teased as possibly being the one to take over, but sources have said it will not be Duke.

Duke Thomas is an African-American kid who first joined the We Are Robin movement and became one of the hundreds of civilian teens to wear the Robin R. Then, after leaving the movement, he joined the Batman Family and took on the name of The Signal.

Fans of the super hero have given mixed reviews on Twitter. Some are excited about the changes, while others appear to be “over” DC and their character changes.


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