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Though she is best known for her effortless vocals, singer Ari Lennox took time on Monday to address any of her social media followers who subscribe to anti-LGBTQ ideals.

The Shea Butter Baby vocalist tweeted a series of thoughts in support of the LGBTQ community after an unknown situation prompted her to speak out.

“I hate homophobic and transphobic people so much,” she began.Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Lennox then used her platform to delve further into why she used the word hate to describe her feelings after her mentions began to blow up.

“I am also aware of how strong of a word hate is. So buzz off. If you’re homophobic and transphobic idfwu,” she wrote.

“Please if you don’t support [the] LGBTQ community, you don’t support me,” Lennox continued. “You don’t support my family and the people I love. So all you delusional and fake-religious/self-righteous weirdos unfollow and unsubscribe.”

“To be gay is beautiful. It is natural. One doesn’t have to experience trauma to be gay,” Lennox writes, dismantling the argument that anyone who is LGBTQ came to be so because of some type of sexual perversion. “Yes I believe people are born that way. Yes I hate people who hate gay people. If there is a God I believe he made us in his image and made no mistakes.”

The D.C. native went on to address the “gay agenda,” a thoughtless theory which suggests that the media and public figures are working together to tout LGBTQ ideals.

“I don’t believe in “Gay Agenda.” No agenda can alter what is already innate. No religion or media or bully can convince me that true love is unnatural,” Lennox wrote.

But her argument became personal once she shared her experience of watching her sister be ostracized by family members for marrying a woman.

“I have family members that didn’t show up to meh own sister’s wedding because she married a woman. You can’t support your own flesh and blood because of unhealthy condition from religion and media. People really live their short lives in a mental prison, she continued.

“People were gay from the beginning of time and will be long after we are gone,” she wrote in her last tweet.

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After her tweets went viral, Lennox logged onto Twitter on Tuesday to respond to the criticism she faced by those who believe otherwise.

“Also I’m not an atheist buy obviously if you church people feel so bothered by my views, why the hell you listening to my raunchy secular music? Once again foh”

“going out of your way to express how you don’t agree with someone’s SEXUAL PREFERENCE is simply uncalled for…People love every opportunity to insert the STRAIGHT agenda,” she wrote.

“It’s mind boggling how the media and religion has promoted A whole straight agenda for years and y’all can’t take an INCH of any type of diversity and spice on your programming.”

Lennox’s thoughts remind us of the ways in which we dehumanize and dishonor one another. And as a Black woman, the recalling of watching family member’s withhold their support for their LGBTQ family members is not a singular event. There are so many of us with mother’s father’s, aunties, uncles, cousins, whom have had to live a double life in order to shield themselves from disdain all because of who they love. Until we can love and respect one another in dismantling internalized notions of respectability and white supremacy, we will never truly be free.


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