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Kel Mitchell

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Kel Mitchell has had a successful career. With his prominence in the nineties and the resurgence of his career today, he’s had a great run. He’s a well-adjusted child star and still beloved by the children who grew up watching his various television and film roles.

Recently, he sat down with comedians Kev On Stage and Big Irish Jay to discuss his life as a child star and what’s sustained him into adulthood. (Hint: It’s God.) During the conversation, they asked Kel if there were any career opportunity he regretted missing and he shared he was supposed to be cast as Derek, the male lead, in Save the Last Dance.

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See what he had to say about in below.

Have you ever been presented with a role that you didn’t take that you then regretted afterward?

Kel: Save The Last Dance

Kevin: You were supposed to be Sean [Patrick] Thomas?

Kel: People ask me all the time. I never say it.

Kevin: Why you didn’t do it?

Kel: It’s a long hilarious story. It was so stupid. The girl I was with at the time she didn’t want me to do it for some odd reason because of the scenes with the girl. I’m an actor. It was a whole big back and forth. I just couldn’t take it. I was like ‘It’s all good. I’ll do something else.’ Then I look back now and I’m like that would have been a cool one to be in. That was a classic movie.

Kevin: Sean Patrick Thomas is like ‘Thank you God.’

Kel: And we worked together on Honeydripper but I never told him that. Yeah that was crazy though. Don’t do that. Never do that. See what I’m talking about things you learn in the business as you learn. And Sean is an amazing dude. He did good in that.

You can watch the full interview with Kel below. The portion about his would-be-role in Save the Last Dance starts at the 52:05 mark.

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