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As you may have seen or heard, yesterday the NFL announced a wide-ranging partnership with Jay-Z and his company, Roc-Nation. I’m just gonna be completely raw and open on my feelings here.

I’m deeply disappointed in Jay Z. I’m deeply disappointed that he formed this partnership with the NFL. I’m deeply disappointed to learn that he has been privately negotiating this partnership for over a year without ever mentioning a word of it to Colin Kaepernick even though they spoke countless times. I’m deeply disappointed at several things Jay Z said in his press conference with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday. I’m deeply disappointed in several things Jay Z said in multiple media interviews yesterday.

And here’s what I know, in your community – we have sacred figures who’ve grown so loved, and so admired that you simply don’t dare critique them publicly – even if it’s warranted. In our community we have some people who are so revered, that we are blinded even to their biggest mistakes. The Obamas are on that level. Oprah is on that level. I think Jay Z and Beyonce are now on that level. Such that even if they make a real mistake – it’s hard to criticize them because of just how much people love them.


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