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Jazz Anderson

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Jazz Anderson stopped by the Madd Hatta Morning Show inside the Houston BMW Studios to discuss her latest project “Separation Anxiety,” her rap career, and growing up on reality TV. The daughter of Tami Roman and ex-NBA star Kenny Anderson can attest to not only dealing with the drama of reality TV and it affecting her psyche but also being thrust into the spotlight because of her two famous parents.

On Growing Up On Reality Television & Dealing With Criticism:

“I just had to stop caring, honestly. I used to shut down my social media, everything. Because when you’re younger it’s a lot to take in. VH1 gets like 4 million viewers so imagine that – it’s easy access because of social media. But I just stopped caring.”

On Leaving Reality TV:

“We did this scene, me, my dad and my sister and we were at therapy. Me and my dad genuinely hadn’t spoken in years. So for us to be on TV … it was all real. So those emotions hitting me all at once and everybody’s watching and having their input. It was so personal and I said, ‘Maybe I don’t want to do this.’ Our relationship is definitely getting better. I just turned 23 and I said, I want to get rid of all the hate, the resentment. He just had a stroke and my mom wants us to have that relationship. But, I’m stubborn so, when I’m ready, I’ma do it. I like reality TV when it’s genuine when it’s with family but drama? Nah.”

On Separation Anxiety:

“It was separating the TV life from Jazz The Rapper. I felt that, in a nutshell, a lot of people who listen to me say, “Oh she’s talented, she’s dope but I remember her like this, a reality star. So can she really be a rapper?” So a lot of people who listen to me have that separation anxiety in a sense because they don’t want to let me be. So I have visuals coming off of that and we have the spin-off show, Tami Ever After on VH1 so we’re definitely working on that.

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