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The Brazilian gang leader and drug trafficker named Clauvino da Silva (also known as “Shorty) horribly attempted to escape his 73-year prison sentence dressed as his 19-year-old daughter.

Now I know you’re wondering; how did he get a rubber mask, glasses, a wig, a black bra, and clothes? Ana Gabriele Silva his 19-year old daughter gave it to him.

Next, you’re wondering; where was his daughter while he tried to escape? She was in Gericinó Prison Complex in Rio de Janeiro, hoping her father dressed like an odd little buff girl could make the great escape.

Then you wonder; would my child do this for me?

Unfortunately, da Silva wasn’t the Master Of Disguise and the police asked “Shorty” to remove everything.

According to the Rio Times, Tuesday Clauvino da Silva was transferred to maximum security. “Three days after his failed escape, da Silva, a senior member of Comando Vermelho (Red Command), one of Brazil’s main crime groups, was found dead in his cell in a maximum-security prison. Officials said he appeared to have hanged himself with a bedsheet. An investigation has been launched into his death.”

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