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Rumors started when the ‘Messy Queen’ himself Andy Cohen, basically begged Wendy Williams to join ‘The Real Housewives of New York’. However, Wendy wants everyone to know she does not want to join actually she doesn’t event want to join. According to TooFab, Williams said “what I won’t be doing is appearing on the Bravo show.”

Wendy was on her show explaining why she will not join, someone in the crowd made a grunt, Wendy says, “Excuse me?—–I have a purple chair of my own! I mean, I like the ‘Housewives’ and stuff like that, but if you have a talk show that is your own, why would you? She continues and says, “First of all, you’re not coming to my apartment——You’re not checking out who I date, there would be so many no, no, nos that you would be bored with me!

Wendy doesn’t want to become too friendly with the other women, and adds that having her own show, she is able to show her audience what she wants them to know about her personal life. She sends a message to Andy says, “Andy, it’s not happening—-Wendy is not a Housewife. As a matter of fact, she’s not even a wife!”.

Basically, Wendy don’t want y’all in her business.