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It seems like you’re constantly giving, giving yourself to the kids, spouse, work, everything but yourself.


Know when it’s time to take a break:

We often work ourselves to the bone. Our life is consistently busy and working through our break until we are burnt out, isn’t healthy. If you work 8 hour days and haven’t take your lunch, take it. If you’ve been working every day and sitting a ton of paid time off, take it off.

Reward yourself:

You deserve a reward. Go get your nails or hair done. Get a massage and pamper yourself. You never know how good it feels to have someone do something for you. Simply going to grab a bite to eat can do you just fine.


Keep a journal:  

A psychiatrist is great because we all need to speak out our issues to someone, that will help us see the clearer picture. Sometimes you may have the time to sit down and talk to a psychiatrist. You can always keep a journal, so you can see the vision in front of you.

Forgive yourself:

Don’t forget blaming yourself is the worst thing you can do. When you tell yourself negative things, that is what you will start to believe. Positive affirmations are more successful than you think. Daily you can repeat the same one or find different ones that will satisfy your thoughts.

“Today, I choose me.”

Remove negative relationships from your life:

You ever hear, “Good Vibes Only”? That’s what you deserve. Remove the gossipers and naysayers. You shouldn’t have anyone around you that treats you less than the amazing individual that you are.

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