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Leo season is among us, people! The fifth sign of the astrological year began on Tuesday and is here to snatch our edges until August 22.

Leo’s have a reputation for being confident, carefree, powerhouse, full of conceit and strong mindedness. And those are their good qualities.

On the flip side, the lions have a tendency to be pretty vain and overbearing. They tend to love excited most of the time, and even a little drama. But be sure to shower them with praise and attention if you want to stay on their good side.

Some of our favorite people in the world were born under Leo sign. Everyone from Barack Obama, to Jennifer Lopez, to Halle Berry are reppin’ that Lion gang. But do they have anything in common?


@NatalieTweets: Leo’s have such a bad reputation, yes, we are intimidating, fiery and bad ass stubborn people but…we have such a lovely side too! We care ALOT! Love hard and stand up for what and who we believe in! But we do like having our own way and I guess that sometimes can be annoying

@Astropoets: Assertive. Hot. Demanding of your attention but aware you want them even more. Leos are seductive. A Leo is allure. They will save you & not mention it at all. They are protectors. Leo ambition is unrivaled. Their ego huge. So what? It’s called star power. Welcome to Leo season.

If you happen to know a Leo, which most of us most likely do, don’t let their fiery persona fool you. They may be lions, but there’s still a cub buried in there somewhere.

Check the flip for some interesting Leo facts, and hit us on Twitter to share your thoughts.

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