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The feud between Mo’Nique and Oprah is still going. But maybe this feud is just one sided. In an interview with Comedy Hype, Mo’Nique had a message for Oprah, “You know what you need to do, and stop hiding behind what you called negative comments. ‘Oh I don’t even deal with things like that.’ Because what people are beginning to do is see you for what you really are.”

Their feud started when Mo’Nique’s family made an appearance on Oprah’s show, including her brother that sexually abused her. However, Oprah promised Mo’Nique to not allow them on the show.

Mo’Nique then came to say, “Until that woman says ‘Let me apologize to you publicly’ it’ll be until the day I leave this earth. What you did was malicious, and it was intentional and it was ugly.” She has tried to comfort Oprah but has failed.

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