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American Pie

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Ask anyone born before 2000, and they’ll agree that the 90’s was such a special time for everyone. Television was booming with Black talent and filmmakers like Spike Lee and John Singleton weren’t afraid to tell the raw truth about the issues plaguing the African American communities. The entertainment industry also had the creative license to do and say whatever they wanted no matter what demographic they offended — hence the reason we have films like American Pie.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of American Pie, the raunchy 1999 comedy that follows four teenage boys (played by Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas and Eddie Kaye Thomas) on a quest to lose their virginities before graduation. The movie was such a huge deal for young Americans when it hit theaters; but if watched by young adults today, they’d have a totally different reaction to some of those gruesome scenes.

Like the scene when Jason Biggs’ character sets up his computer camera to record the foreign exchange student changing her clothes, without her consent.

That’s a sexual crime lawsuit waiting to happen. With so many powerful, life changing movements shifting the climate today, (and a culture of people being offended by the smallest thing) there’s not much room to express oneself fully without offending someone. Obviously, we all need to be a bit more mindful of the content we put out, but hit the flip to check out scenes from films that just wouldn’t fly today.

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