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In a disturbing story out of Chicago, last week a mother of five was shot and killed by a Walgreens employee who suspected her of shoplifting.

According to CBS Chicago, 46-year-old Sircie Varnado, who was described as “she was disabled and unemployed,” was pronounced dead after a drugstore manager confronted her and fatally shot her.

Apparently, the employee, who had a gun, falsely identified himself as the police, began wrestling with Varnado and somewhere in the scuffle shot her in the face.

Varnado was unarmed during the time of the shooting.

“She didn’t deserve to be executed like that. He could have just held her for the police. He didn’t have to shoot her in her face. She didn’t have no weapon,” said April Reed, Varnado’s sister told CBS.

“He should have called the police,” said Varnado’s niece, Lydia Foster added.

Legal experts told CBS Chicago that the store employee should have called the actual police if they suspected a shopper was stealing.

“Frankly, a no-brainer,” he said. “You see a shoplifter, and you don’t have security personnel employed by Walgreens on premises, you call 911, and you let the pros take over and do the right thing.”

Now, could the national chain be help responsible for what happened? Maybe.

“Sure Walgreens could say that and say, ‘This guy was acting outside the scope of his employment. We’re not liable.’ Do I think that’s going to fly? Probably not,” Miller added.

Meanwhile, police have not filed any charges against the manager yet and the drugstore chain has not released a statement about the incident.

This is a developing story and we will provide updates as they become available. 


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