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A white Utah mother of a Black son is demanding to know why local police pulled a gun on her 10-year-old, who was playing outside.

According to Fox 13 Now News, Jerri Hrubes claims that last Thursday, she got the scare of her life when a Woods Cross police officer pulled a gun on her mentally delayed child, DJ, while outside on his grandmother’s front yard.

Hrubes claims the officer had his gun pointed to DJ’s head.

Apparently, the officer believed the child was holding a gun, however Hrubes claims her son did not have any toys or objects in his hand during the incident.

When Hrubes saw what was going on, she ran outside, screaming, “What are you doing? This is a 10-year-old child.”

She also claims the officer refused to explain his actions or apologize initially, he just got back into his car and drove off.

“I really thought they were going to shoot my little boy,” she told Fox 13 in tears.

Hrubes called the dispatch and demanded the officer return to her home and apologize to her son, which he did.

However, Woods Cross police department didn’t seem to take full accountability for their officer’s actions. Instead they told Fox 13, they were looking for an armed “Hispanic out on foot” and that DJ was “in the area at the wrong time.”

“We had minimal information at the time, we had one possibly Hispanic out on foot and we knew there was at least one other suspect involved,” said Lt. Adam Osoro.

“This kid was just in the area at the wrong time.”

However, DJ and his mother believe that race played a factor in the cop’s erratic and potentially dangerous behavior.

f“I just felt like he pointed the gun at me because of my skin color,” DJ said.

His mother added, “I think it was an overzealous cop who just saw somebody who wasn’t white and just jumped to conclusions, why don’t they admit there was some fault there?”

Meanwhile, Woods Cross PD believes there is no reason to further investigate the situation.


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