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We all know Tiffany Haddish from memorable role on Girls Trips. The comedian is known to get people talking, if it’s for her funny roles in television or film, her stand up comedy, her hilarious stories, or her animated personality. Tiffany didn’t hold back while at an interview with the Hollywood reporter. The actress was at a round table full of actresses talking about her experiences in Hollywood and she revealed something that shocked the whole table. Haddish admitted bringing in he purse into acting auditions and pretending to forget it. The caught is she would have her phone on memo record and once leaving the room the casting directors would discuss  candidly how they felt about her when she left the room. After a few minutes she would return saying she left her purse to obtain the conversation.  Here’s her Tiffany talking about it:

She was asked what’s the most amusing feedback she received she said ” She is not as urban as I thought she’d be.” Or, “She is so ghetto.” “Her boobs aren’t big enough.” “I really think we should just go with a white girl.” While her counterparts at the table we’re not surprised by the feed back Haddish said the critiques gave her inspiration “I’m sneaky! I want to hear so that I can write jokes about it. That and also so that I use it to my advantage and grow. Like all this, “Jeez, she can’t read. She said every word wrong.” And I’m like, “They’re right.” So, I start reading out loud more and practicing and it helps me in the long run. So, sure, they hurt my feelings and sometimes I’m like, “Damn, what a b**ch. I’m never going back in there…”

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