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Let’s keep it real. Social media is one of the best technological advancements of our day. We get to talk to people faster, connect with people from all across the globe, and be as nosey as we want without the fear of being creepy. And don’t get me started on the abundant access we have to breaking news. The days of waiting for the 6 o’clock news to find out what happened to your favorite celebrity are long gone (thank goodness).

But with many benefits comes many disadvantages. First of all, it’s hard to get anything done when you can avoid tedious tasks by just scrolling through the ‘gram all day. Not to mention the fact that it plays a major part in the development of our self esteem. Especially as millenials. There’s a quote by Steven Furtick that says:

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”

That one quote pretty much sums up all the drawbacks of social networking. Which also raises the question, how would life be if social media never existed?

Folks took to Twitter to share how they think the game of life would be different if there were no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Some #IfSocialMediaDidntExist posts were shady as hell:

@DubOnDaBeatz: “A lot of you “public figures” would be irrelevant #IfSocialMediaDidntExist”

Others were straight up facts:

@AspieNerdMike: “#IfSocialMediaDidntExist = less overall harm/bullying/harassment/etc., younger generations would be less glued to their screens, and less physical isolation”

What are your thoughts on a social media free life? Hit the flip to check out some of the shadiest, truest gospels of would life would be like without social media.

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