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The season finale of FOX’s hit show STAR airs tonight, and it’s hard to believe that Star, Alex and Simone went from aspiring artists to being nominated for an ASA award.

In an exclusive clip of tonight’s episode, Carlotta (played by Queen Latifah) gives Take 3 (Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny and Brittany O’Grady) some much needed motherly advice before they hit the stage at the ASA Awards.

But that’s not all the juiciness you can expect from the highly anticipated finale. A fairy tale turns into a nightmare in this episode as Alex and Derrick plan for a picture perfect day, but their past wreaks havoc as Take 3 plots to win an ASA Award. Meanwhile Carlotta continues to mend her relationship with “cousin” Rashad, who turned out to be Carlotta’s long lost son (played by Major).

“In the case of Rashad…. Carlotta you ARE the mother #STARonFOX #STAR”- @ChatswithBailie

“I knew that Carlotta was Rashad’s mom #Star omg. But this aligns so perfectly with star and her wanting to give up her baby. Omg. Best show ever” -@_purpmommy

Needless to say, fans are pretty hype to see if Take 3 takes home an ASA. Some fan theories say that the girls won’t win in award after Star stole the show during their last performance.

“Take 3 performing that song without star wasn’t the same”- @D_Snicks_

“Yes Star it’s a Take 3 Performance but honey you need to rest your voice and rest period. Davis needs you more than anything right now” -@Thatgirljas

And some fans are definitely taking sides.

“Star you went on a whole tour without Take 3. And they held you down while you were in jail and the hospital. You can sit this out and take care of yourself and Davis #STAR” – @Ryanfave

“Alex getting a lot of opportunities without take 3”- @Lilmisssmart

“And this why I can never fully be on Alex side because without Take 3 she would still struggling like the rest of the girls” @_bymyownrules_

But others feel that no matter what happens, Take 3 would still be dope with or without an ASA.

“These ladies are amazing on their own and phenomenal together. So with or without that award, their talent will forever remain unquestioned. Take 3 Forever!!” -@Vision99Doll

Season three of STAR has turned out to be a fan favorite. There were so many highs, lows, twist and turns this season, which left viewers emotional and full of finale theories:

“Okay so I just thought about this. Why would they reveal a shooting in the finale with no lead in from past episodes? What if it’s just Alex having a nightmare the morning of the wedding? That’s what I’m hoping for”- @Simkumba

“Sick in bed catching up to Star. I’m sorry but that season finale preview got me in my feelings. I swear my favs better be alright! I wonder if Alex Daddy is behind it all?! 😩 My head… Ugh.” @tanneh12

Catch the season 3 finale of STAR when it airs tonight on FOX. 

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