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Give Your Mom Some Make-Up This Year, Just Like These Influencers

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and in the spirit of the most important day for all the mamas out there, some influencers are joining those that gave them life for some special segments.

Jackie Aina uploaded a video on Tuesday titled, “Turning My Mom Into an IG Baddie For A Day!!!” where she spends the day getting her mom all the way glam in honor of the approaching holiday. From a full beat face, to glam wigs and outfit changes, her mom really did transform into the Jackie we all know and love.

In honor of this fun video from Ms. Aina, let’s take a look at some other beauty gurus who have brought their mom in to break up the monotony of another make-up video.

Another great example of this is from one of our other faves, Alissa Ashley. A couple of months back, she made a video revamping her mom’s makeup routine in an effort to have her looking as youthful as possible–I mean, just LOOK at the difference in that thumbnail. If you’re good at makeup and still don’t know what to get your mama for the big day, a nice makeover really might just do the trick!

In a fun twist of events, Alissa’s twin sister Arnell Armon also made a video with their mom–but this time, she’s the one doing her daughter’s makeup! This video is hilarious and just shows that spending quality time with mamadukes is good no matter what you end up doing……even if you end up looking crazy from a botched makeup job.

A little over a year ago, a Youtuber by the name of Raven Elyse gave her mom a full glam makeover and the results were absolutely stunning! A lot of us learn about makeup through our moms as children, so it’s fun to turn the situation around and teach our mamas something for a change.

Everyone knows how full of personality Patrick Starrr is, so it’s really no surprise that his mom has just as much outrageousness in her as the beauty guru we all know and love. This video is just even more proof that making your mom feel beautiful and confident on Mother’s Day is one of the best gifts you can give!

To wrap up some of our favorite influencers and their mom makeup tributes, we turn to Shalom Blac and her beautiful mother. This makeup transformation is similar to the rest, but this entire video will have you wondering…how does this woman look so young?! The fountain of youth is alive and well with this one!!

If you’re into makeup and want to spend some quality time with your mom this Mother’s Day, tell her you’re doing her makeup for the big day–or maybe just get her a gift card to Sephora if she’s already got her own routine down.

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