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Maisie Williams

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If you tuned into Game of Thrones last night, then like us, you’re SHOOK.

We’ve been waiting years for the living to go against the dead and FINALLY, in episode 3, the fighting began. Naturally, there was a TON of death and we said goodbye to some key characters — but ALL of them went down swinging! Ser Jorah, for example, died (in the friend zone) protecting Daenerys until the end. Young gangster Lyanna Mormont killed a whole giant on her way to the afterlife, and Theon Greyjoy completely redeemed himself as he protected Bran “Three Eye Raven” Stark from countless wights.

Rest in peace to the homies, but … Arya is the BAD B*TCH we can’t stop talking about. Getting to the Night King just before he did Bran IN, Arya stuck the him with the pointy end of her knife and POOF… the Night King, Viserion, and all of the dead were… actually dead this time.

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We should have guessed she’d be the one to kill the Night King… she been getting busy since SEASON 1. These are nowhere near ALL of her kills, but they are some of her nastiest, proving Arya is NOT to be slept on… ESPECIALLY not when backed into a corner.

Maisie Williams - Arya Stark

Source: Helen Sloan / Helen Sloan/HBO

The Stable Boy.

A young Arya killed a stable boy as she tried to escape King’s Landing back in the first season. This first kill seemed unintentional, but nevertheless it’s where she got her start.

Maisie Williams

The Waif.

Arya was terrified as all hell after the Faceless Men kind of, sort of ordered her death — but after being chased all around Braavos, she runs into a dark room and  does the nameless bully girl in.

Maisie Williams

Lord Walder Frey and his sons.

This is when Arya established herself as a straight up savage, in my humble opinion. She disguised herself as a server, bakes Lord Frey’s two sons into a pie, feeds them to him, and then slits his throat. This, of course, is revenge for when Lord Frey murdered her mother and brother at the Red Wedding.


Maisie Williams

Source: Helen Sloan / HBO

But it gets CRAZIER.

After killing Lord Frey, Arya goes “faceless” one mo’ ‘gain, pretends to be Lord Frey and lures his followers into a trap, poisoning every remaining Frey man and taking out their entire House in one fell swoop.

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3 stills

Source: Helen Sloan / HBO

Little Finger

This was one of the most satisfying character deaths of the entire show. Scheming Little Finger dies at Arya’s hand after unsuccessfully trying to pit her and her sister, Sansa, against each other. A slit of the throat seems to be Arya’s signature. Boy, bye.

Maisie Williams

And, Finally The Night King

Daenerys couldn’t do it. Jon Snow couldn’t do it. Theon Greyjoy damn sure couldn’t do it… but Arya gets to the Night King and leaves every Game of Thrones stan SHOOK.

Tune in Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and let us know what other memorable Arya Stark moments you stan.

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