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Via Madamenoire:

When you are swept away in the honeymoon period of a relationship, boundaries are probably the last thing you want to discuss with your new boo. But creating lines in the sand regarding how you want to be treated is an important step in building respect in your partnership.

We are all individuals with varied backgrounds, fears, wounds, and preferences–the sooner you and your significant other learn each other’s boundaries, the better chance you have at relationship longevity.

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YourTango compiled a list of boundaries you should establish with your babe. Here are a few:

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When/How You Have Sex

A lot of people believe talking about sex is totally not sexy—but you know what’s worse? Making your partner feel uncomfortable in a sexual encounter. Some people love being spanked. Others are into having sex outdoors. Some partners love period sex, other people are completely grossed out by it. Take the time and learn what makes your person feel good–it only sets you up for better sex later.


his is another super uncomfortable topic. But how you save and how you spend could determine the success of a relationship. Financial compatibility is totally a thing. You also should decide if you have the same big purchasing goals in mind, like a house, so you can work towards that gain together.

How You Argue

I know people who like to duke it out in an argument until it’s resolved. But for some, that exercise is exhausting and they would rather step away from a heated confrontation, clear their head, and return with a sound mind. Nothing is wrong with either approach, but if you and your partner are on different sides of the coin with how you approach conflict resolution, you both will have to compromise to make peace.

Social Media

Some who walk among us live for social media and social media posts. But this can be detrimental to your relationship if your partner is totally not about the ‘gram and you are. This goes from time spent scrolling and not talking to each other, to how much you share about your relationship on these platforms. Establish early on what information you want people to know online and carve out time together away from your phones.


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