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Tonight’s episode of Empire starts with Lucious calling in some goons to get rid of Treasure’s old manager’s body. Remember, he beat him to death in a fit of rage. He makes sure to tell the goons to make no mistakes since ASA is all over him. Sure, good luck with that. Meanwhile, Cookie is getting it on with Damon Cross. Lucious has been calling her all morning and she is not answering the phone. He’s nervous af. We all are.

Lucious is actually calling for an important reason. He needs to tell the family about Andre. Eventually, Lucious gets ahold of Cookie through her sister, Carol, and calls the family together. Andre explains what’s up but there is some good news from his doctor. Andre is on what’s called a progressive cycle. He’s not out of the woods yet, but there’s hope. Andre’s family is willing to do anything to support him, even shirking the tour but Andre won’t allow it because Empire needs this tour. They nee the tour so they can start to make all that money back.

Back to Cookie and Lucious. Lucious demands to know where the hell Cookie was all night but she ain’t really interested in talking to him. He gets that she’s upset with him and pleads with her to believe that he didn’t sleep with Treasure, but Cookie is too blinded by her bitterness. Plus, all she wants to do is take care of Andre. But Lucious wants Cookie to trust him again so he drops Treasure from the label. Giselle is not happy about this because Treasure is an asset but Lucious could care less.

Let’s fast forward a bit. Treasure thinks it’s a good idea to stop by Cookie’s house to apologize to her for trying to sleep with Lucious. Surprisingly, Cookie has a soft spot for Treasure and forgives her so, she can stay at Empire.

Meanwhile, Cookie expresses guilt to Carol about what she did with Damon. Cookie wants to tell Lucious but Carol begs her not to. We all know Lucious is the type who would get upset despite all he has done to her. But Cookie probably should rub it in, just a little.

Because Cookie is a bad bish, and it took Lucious better never forget it ever again!


Next, we find Cookie with Damon again, and she tells him that he can’t say anything about what happened between them and that’s when we see Cookie remembering that night. So check this out, she actually didn’t sleep with Damon! Plot twist! They made out and got hot and heavy but she stopped it before things go too far. Then she tells Damon about Andre and how she feels like his lymphoma is her fault. Turns out, Damon has or had a daughter that had cancer too (it’s not clear if this daughter is still alive or not) and he knows exactly how she feels. He gives her a good pep talk about how this couldn’t possibly be her fault.

Andre gets the good news that chemo is working and he can move on to the next phase of treatment. In other news, we find Cookie in bed with Lucious. Cookie verbalizes that she thought the worst of him that night with Treasure and Lucious isn’t even mad at her. He’s ready for them to move on. Then Cookie drops the, “I have something I have to tell you something” bomb, but she only tells him that she loves him.

Now we find the feds confronting Kingsley Kingsley. He says associating with the FBI destroyed his career so why would he help them? He gets a good answer though. Associating with the feds is the only hope he has of taking down Lucious Lyon.

We’ll see how this plays out next week.


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