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Puppy English Bulldog facing camera on sidewalk

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Besides babies, there’s nothing in the world that brings humans as much joy as puppies. They’re smart, wise and more loyal than most humans you know.

“I may be an a**h*le but that still doesn’t change how much I love babies and puppies.” -Ebender34

Most people have a soft spot in their heart for the wolf-like canids, but some folks take their puppy love to a whole other level. One bride even shared her wedding spotlight with a group of adorable rescue pups. Instead of giving her bridesmaids bouquets to carry down the aisle, Samantha Clark gave them adoptable puppies from a local rescue group to hold onto instead.

The gushing bride told The, “I have three dogs of my own. I originally wanted to incorporate them, but they already have a home and plenty of love. I wanted to incorporate animals that needed both: love and a home. We had a booth set up at the wedding and reception that had a log of adoptable dogs. I’ve been told many adoption applications have been submitted.”

But what is it about the baby canines that just makes an humans heart melt? According to PetMD, bonding with another living being that doesn’t judge and only wants love from you is one of the main reasons people invest in pups.

“Dogs really don’t care if you’re a five-star culinary artist, or if you can barely open a can of soup. Nope. They love you because you’re you. And they will pretty much eat up anything you give them.”

“When you’re feeling down and thinking no one loves you, you always have a snuggle partner to make you feel better. That is, if you own a dog. Why? Dogs love to snuggle, they love to put their head in your lap, and they let you know that no matter what, they love you, and always will.”

Puppy love is real. Get you some. Hit the flip to check out these interesting, random facts about pups that’ll make you fall in love even more.

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