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3. “Listen, I have NEVER been homophobic in my fu**ing life. I love gay people as they love me.”

Words literally uttered by Jess Hilarious 


Lies. Lies. Lies.

Ironically, Instagram star and Rel actress Jess Hilarious made this comment after calling someone the f-word on Instagram.

In a half-hearted apology for the incident, Jeff posted a video and typed, “Yesterday I called a young man a ‘fa**ot’ for disrespecting me. And for that, to the LGBT community I sincerely apologize. However, if I feel disrespected and that someone hit below the belt, whether they are gay or not, I’m going to return the same energy.”

So you’re going to clap back at someone by insulting their whole identity with a homophobic slur?

Got it.

But you’ve NEVER been homophobic in your life?!?!?!?!?

On top of this, the gays would appreciate it if you didn’t assume all of us were fans of your work. We come in all shapes, sizes and good taste in humor.

Signed – the gay delegation.

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