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Jimmy Safechuck met Michael Jackson in December of 1986 after he was cast to star in a Pepsi commercial alongside Jackson.  After filming Jimmy spends time in Jackson’s trailer without his mother.

While on tour in Australia, Jackson calls Jimmy and sends a film crew to his home in California to do an interview with him.  After the interview, Mrs. Safechuck has a conversation with Jackson where he explains that he doesn’t have friends and that he is extremely lonely.  Jackson invites the Safechuck family over to his home Havenhurst for dinner.  Jackson gifts Jimmy with one of his Thriller jackets and gives him an envelope of cash.

Days later Jackson contacts the Safechuck family saying he is alone, the Safechucks pick up Jackson spending several nights visiting.  Mrs. Safechuck even washes Jackson’s laundry and expresses that he is like a son to her.  The Safechuck’s build a bond with Jackson and even vacation with him in Hawaii to go to a Pepsi convention.

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In 1989 Jackson starts his Bad tour and takes Jimmy along with him to dance on stage.  Jimmy’s mother accompanies him on the tour but begins to let Jimmy sleep with Jackson.  While on tour at the Paris stop, Jimmy claims that Jackson teaches him how to masturbate.  Their alleged sexual relationship escalates quickly to include oral sex and other sexual acts according to Jimmy.

After the tour, the Safechuck family were the first to visit Jackson’s new home Neverland.  Neverland is where Jimmy claims a great deal of the alleged sexual acts continued throughout the vast property.  In 1992 Jimmy claims that another young boy started spending time with Jackson. Jimmy felt like he had been replaced and cast to the side.

Both MaCaulay Cogan and Brett Barnes claim they were never sexually abused by Michael Jackson.

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