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2016 Angel Ball

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This was one of those weeks where the loses weren’t one hundred percent loses, and the wins are up for debate.

But we’ll leave it up to your interpretation.

Check out the W’s below and find out who took L’s on the next page!


Barack Obama (sort of)

One young scholar put Barack Obama in the deep florescent spotlight when he brought up the topic of masculinity.

During a My Brother’s Keeper town hall in Oakland, California, the former pres and NBA star Steph Curry talked to young men of color about their upbringing, philosophy and ways to succeed in America.

Towards the end of the discussion, one person asked Barack how they can collectively change the narrative on what it means to be a man in the midst of unhealthy masculinity.

Barack’s response was interesting to say the least. Along with talking about being responsible, being kind, being compassionate, etc., Barack also threw in a little criticism for hip hop.

It’s well known Barack is an avid listener of rap music, but when it comes to flossing, he had some thoughts:

“Let’s face it, a lot of hip-hop and rap music is based around me showing I have more money than you, I can disrespect you and you can’t do nothing about it, I’m gonna talk about you and punk you. Ironically that actually shows the vulnerability that you feel.”

He continued:

“If you were really confident about your financial situation, you’re probably not gonna be wearing an eight-pound chain around your neck. If you are very confident about your sexuality, you don’t have to have eight women around you twerkin’. You seem stressed that you’ve gotta be acting that way. I’ve got one woman that I’m very happy with.”

Now granted, Barrack’s words are seeping with rigid ideas about sexuality and success.

I mean if bills are paid…

Why can’t I wear my gold chain!

And all consenting twerk teams are welcome if we’re keeping it cute and safe, right?

However, Barrack does have a point about the realities of juggling heavy chains and multiple sex interests.

I mean, eight women are twerking in front of you?

Are they getting paid?

Do they have substantial health benefits?

How long will the twerking go on, and are their adequate lunch breaks?

All questions that need answers.

And don’t get me started on that eight pound chain.

Can someone say neck pains.


Barrack is only watching out for the people. Check out his whole spiel in the clip below starting at the 52:17 mark.

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