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Tamon GeorgePhoto Credit: Tamron George

Name: Jade Nikaylah Williams

Instagram: @jadenikaylah

Agency: Self Represented

Creme of Nature, Deva Curl, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Danessa Myricks, were all drawn to Jade Nikaylah Williams because of her beauty but its her confidence that sets her apart from the other pretty faces in her industry. In an exclusive interview with Hello Beautiful at the 4th annual Brown Girls Love Power Day conference she shared the story behind her embracing her 4C hair, her desire to promote natural beauty, and always being a camera hog.

“Since I was a little girl I was already ready for the camera,” stated Williams. Some parents might have shied their child away from being the center of attention but she says hers were “super supportive,” because they “understood it was just in my nature.”

That nature has attracted quite the tribe. The model has over eighteen thousand followers on Instagram who take in not only the highly stylized images from her shoots but also makeup free raw snapshots of her that are intentionally free of curl jams, jellies, and custards.

“I definitely have an audience and support system of people who love to see girls with 4C hair,” she said. She also shared that “a lot of girls reach out to me and say thank you for just embracing yourself completely, naturally.”

There has been a significant amount of controversy over texture discrimination in the natural hair community but instead of writing a think pieces, or throwing shade at other women, Williams fights for representation by simply being unafraid to rock her coif anytime, anywhere.

By viewing her pictures one might think the inclination to strip herself bare came naturally but it was the result of a process she had to work through.

She decided to go natural once she reached a point where “I was just sick of the chemicals in my scalp.” Williams was enthusiastic about the health benefits right away but it took her awhile to embrace her new look. Once she adjusted though she was all in.

She said that today, “I’m very confident with my natural hair and it’s to the point where I don’t even stretch my hair anymore. I’m confident in my shrinkage and my coarse texture.”

“It took a long time especially to go natural with my hair that was the beginning of my journey and that transformed me into having the confidence to become a plant based eater as well and from there I’m just continuing this journey of growth.”

That growth includes getting a cap in gown.

Williams recently completed her education in graphic design at Howard University. During her time at the revered HBCU she served as a college ambassador for the Brown Girls Love community.

Many applicants apply to be involved in the digital community ambassador program but Williams was asked to participate in the program after catching the eye of its founder Christina Brown for the work she was already doing on the university’s D.C. campus.

Williams’ clear tawny skin and long and sinewy body may fulfill the stereotype of what Zendaya once called “an acceptable black girl,” but that doesn’t stop her from being deeply concerned with the plight of all women.She says now that she’s graduated she’s eager to take her modeling career “to the next level”, and she has a clear vision for how she’s going to do that.

“The next big thing is to get signed to one of the top agencies in New York City and then I hope to get signed to bigger campaigns to stretch my message of minority and women’s empowerment, and embracing natural hair and all body sizes and skin tones.”


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