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In 2011, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais, and Louis C.K. sat down for a what would be considered a sit-down, intimate conversational documentary about the life of a comedian in the HBO special Talking Funny. Seven years later, a clip from the show has resurfaced and it has people looking at the only black comedian in the room funny in the light.

In the clip you can watch above, Rock calls Louis C.K “the blackest white guy I know.” C.K.’s response?

‘You’re saying I’m a n*****?’ Chris Rock’s response? ‘Yes, you are the n*****est white man I have ever met.”

And the comedians laugh it up.

Now Jerry Seinfeld looks a bit uncomforted with the conversation and it gets a bit weirder when Louis talks about his use of the N-Word in their comedy routines like it’s normal and cool. When asked if he’s used the word, Seinfeld denies it, telling Louis,”You found the humor of it, I haven’t found it, nor do I seek it.”

You can add this to the list of controversies with Louis C.K. Issues such as admitting weird sexual behavior masturbating or asking to perform the act in front of or on the phone with female comedians has plagued him more than a year.

Rock is under fire for what it seems to be him allowing white men to say the n-word to say the word is his presence. No word from Rock at this time.

In the clip you will also see Rock saying he has stopped using the n-word in his comedy routines. If you haven’t watched this show, it’s an interesting look into how comedians think, speak and act, not only on stage but with one another.

Considering the flak Kevin Hart received for using homophobic slurs on Twitter and Nick Cannon unearthing old tweets from White female comedians it seems like you have to be a different breed of person to participate in the art. Lines are blurred and things that might upset normal everyday people don’t phase some comedians because it’s all within the lines of a joke.

Times are more sensitive to things so it’s very understandable why there was no outrage in 2011 but seven years later a clip surfaces and boom. But the question soon enough will become when does a comedian go “too far?”

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