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Tune in to the show tonight to catch another edition of the  #OhSoReal Scenario  ! Tonight, Felecia is asking for your advice, give us a call, (844) 258-8762 or feel free to leave your comments on our Facebook page!

Having a good time

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Felecia and Samuel are in their late 20’s and have been dating exclusively for 6 months. Felicia invited Samuel to her company holiday party, but he told her that his was for employees only. Last weekend, while out with one of Samuel’s co-workers and his girlfriend, the co-worker’s girlfriend mentioned how wild and crazy Samuel’s company party had been. Felecia is hurt and is now wondering where she really stands in this relationship. Felecia wants to have a conversation with Samuel, but also is considering just cutting things off and moving on. Felecia is asking if she should give Samuel the chance to explain or move on? What’s your advice?

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